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Studio Policy

Please arrive to the studio 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. Studio doors open 15 minutes prior to class time.

No shoes will be permitted into the studio space. There are designated containers for shoes and personal items at the entrance of the studio.


Doors will be locked while classes are in session to avoid interruption.


Our Covid-19 policy is to be respectful to others and maintain a safe distance from them. Please arrive wearing a mask and once you get to your mat, you may remove it for the session.


I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years at various locations around town. I cannot explain how happy I am to have a dedicated yoga studio now! The space is very relaxing and peaceful. The owner is very knowledgeable and professional. The classes are great for all levels of practice. Yoga can be intimidating but you do not get that feeling here. You are given multiple options and modifications to achieve your goals. If you are on the fence or wanting to try something new, I would 10/10 recommend Warrior Yoga.


—  Zane


About Orin

Warriors are strong in body and mind; influenced by traditional disciplines, my classes build physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

As a tool for wellness to combat depression and anxiety, yoga became a necessary lifestyle change to help Orin feel strong, balanced, and calm. Orin received his 200-hour teaching certificate at Main Street Yoga in Fairmont, WV. Through meditation and connecting mind and body through yoga asanas, Orin has made progress and positive change to his mind, body, and spirit. Do you have what it takes to become a yogi warrior?