Warriors are strong in body and mind; influenced by traditional disciplines, my classes build physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

As a tool for wellness to combat depression and anxiety, yoga became a necessary lifestyle change to help Orin feel strong, balanced, and calm. Orin received his 200-hour teaching certificate at Main Street Yoga in Fairmont, WV. Through meditation and connecting mind and body through yoga asanas, Orin has made progress and positive change to his mind, body, and spirit. Do you have what it takes to become a yogi warrior? 

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Why Choose Warrior Yoga

Warrior Yoga aims to make the practice of yoga approachable and fun. Research proves integrating yoga into your life can improve your mental health and make your body physically stronger and more flexible. We are inclusive of all body types, genders, and skill levels. Our studio strives to improve your quality of life whether you are a first time yoga student or a fit and seasoned "yogi".


The name of the studio was never meant to have anything to do with the assumed physical strength of a warrior. The warrior for which the studio is named isn't a soldier, knight, Viking, gladiator, Samurai, Roman soldier, or Jedi. No armor or weapons necessary. The warrior is the unburdened Self within each of us practicing compassion, love, kindness, understanding, and truth to ourselves and others.


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