Koru Mindfulness

Mindfulness is living intentionally in the present rather than struggling with the past or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness is not meditation, but meditation is one of many mindfulness practices, along with yoga, contemplative prayer, tai chi, and other ways to be in the present moment with yourself.

Mindfulness is not tied to one religion or spiritual practice. Congressman Tim Ryan (OH) says, “Mindfulness itself is not a religion. Practicing it does not require giving up religious faith, or adopting a ‘foreign’ faith, or becoming religious if you are not so inclined.”


Mindfulness is simple, but takes effort. In as little as ten minutes a day of dedicated practice time, benefits such as less stress, more restful sleep, and a greater tolerance for discomfort can arise.

The truth is, practicing mindfulness doesn’t make life’s tough stuff go away. It makes you more resilient and able to sit with your thoughts and feelings.

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Mindful Journeys with Shauna Jones


First Round Begins

July 21, 2021

Koru Mindfulness is a 4 session course that will teach you the skill of mindfulness. It will also help you build the habit of using it in your life on a regular basis.