Warrior Yoga Mindfulness with the Environment

With the impacts of climate change, it’s essential that we do our best for Earth.

At home we recycle all we can at our curb; donate our paper egg cartons to the Clarksburg Farmer's Market and the Mustard Seed; use soaps that come in paper packaging to reduce plastic waste; make our own cleaning solution of water, vinegar, and a few drops of lavender, to reduce single use spray bottles; compost our food scraps to reduce methane gas emissions from the landfill; and use cloth diapers for our child to reduce landfill waste. Our attempts at being good to the planet don't end there. Here are a few ways that Warrior Yoga is trying to make a difference.

Yoga Mats

At the heart of the studio we have yoga mats for our customers to use if they don't have, or forget to bring, their own. The mats we purchased for this purpose are made from natural rubber manufactured by Jade Yoga in the U.S.A. Natural rubber is tapped like maple syrup from a rubber tree, a sustainable, renewable resource. Jade Yoga gives back to the planet by planting a tree for every mat sold and has planted over a million trees. You can read more about Jade's philanthropic endeavors here. We believe in these mats so much that we also have a few in the studio for purchase. They are the exact same price as they are online, but you won't have to pay shipping!

Side note, these natural rubber mats are not intended for outdoor use and are sensitive to elements. Minimal UV exposure can also quickly damage them. If you prefer doing yoga outdoors, it would be advisable to get an Organic Cotton Yoga Rug and Dharba Grass Mat, both are available at Jade Yoga. While Jade won't plant a tree for these mats, they do support rural artisans in India, preserving a tradition and artform while providing a livelihood for weavers. For each of these mats sold, Jade provides a week of hot lunches for a child in these communities. The added benefits of these mats is once they've reached the end of their purpose as a yoga mat, customers are encouraged to donate them to local animal shelters to line mats. See other suggestions for secondary uses of our rubber mat here.

Mat Cleaning Spray

We mix our own cleaning mat spray from one part water and one part vinegar. The vinegar solution kills only unnecessary germs while leaving good germs to do their jobs. Also, this spray is the best for the natural rubber mats.

While we avoid single-use cleaning spray bottles at home, as stated in the opening of this article, we have used Dreft spray for our toddler's clothing and cloth diapers since he was born nearly 2 years ago. Part of doing "good" for the environment is finding unique ways to use, or re-use, unneeded items. Anticipating the opening of a yoga studio, we saved these Dreft spray bottles and are now re-using them for the vinegar water mat wash solution.

Mat Cleaning Cloths

Many studios use single use Clorox or Lysol wipes for mats. We purchased 100% cotton wash cloths to be the cleaning cloths for the mats. This reduces landfill waste, greenhouse gas emissions from production of poly-fibers in factories, and the 100% cotton reduces plastic-based clothing fibers in our water supplies.


Our official Warrior Yoga sign was recently installed! It was really important to us that the sign be easily dismantled and recycled when no longer needed. It is made from an easily recyclable metal instead of a single-use vinyl.

Water Jug

Many fitness centers and yoga studios give their clients "free" water in bottles post-workout. In lieu of single use plastic bottles, Warrior Yoga has a water jug for the use of our customers. Please bring your own re-usable container and fill-up before, or after, class. You're also welcome to bring a tea bag or infuser bottle as our water dispenser also does hot water. The jug itself is plastic, but it can be returned to the store for a return deposit. It will be sanitized, refilled, and re-shelved for use all over again!

Cork Blocks

Instead of the typical foam blocks, which are not recyclable when they are worn out, we chose to put Jade Cork Yoga Blocks in our studio. Their cork blocks are made with sustainably harvested cork in Portugal from the bark of native cork trees, which is a rapidly renewable resource. Cork provides extreme comfort, strength, and stability; offers firm support for your yoga practice; and is naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant.


You don't need to install expensive solar panels on your roof or purchase dual-flush toilets to be environmentally conscious. If we all do our part, things like reducing waste, finding unique uses for throw-away items, and decreasing excessive water use, will begin to add-up over time. If you don't know where to start, let us know and we can offer some suggestions. We are all in this together. Checkout the EPA's website for additional tips: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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